What`s New in PMDesk 2018


What`s New in PMDesk 2018

  • New Option – project paused
  • Split tasks
  • Acceptable deviation
  • Permissible deviation of project time
  • Expanding reporting capabilities
  • New column – actual completion date
  • Change connection to database



Option – project paused

An additional option to pause and freeze resources from the project has been added to the system. When you change the project status to “project paused” tasks from such project are not displayed in the to-do list. In addition the resources assigned to this project are automatically available. If you decide to re-implement the project, you just need to change the status of the project and all the tasks and resources will be included again in the project.


Split tasks

If a job is interrupted, the system allows you to divide the task into parts. Parts of the task can be moved in graphical mode or rejoined in one task if necessary.


Acceptable deviation

The system allows you to specify the tolerance of the delay in the task, giving a delay value in percent. This feature can be used for project management in PRINCE2 (PRINCE2 tolerance management). Tolerances serve to determine acceptable limits that may deviate from established indicators. After exceeding the tolerance of the task execution time, PMDesk will automatically display this information in the project status.


Permissible deviation of project time

As in the case of acceptable deviation for a task, we can define such deviation at project level. When defining a deviation for a project, all tasks assume this same deviation.


Expanding reporting capabilities

In addition to defined reports; such as tasks performed, budget usage, delayed tasks and the ability to create dedicated reports in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, the ability to create reports via SQL queries has been introduced. We can create reports by entering a SQL query in the system administration and showing this results in the report window. The reports should have been done in the Administration -> SQL Reports menu. The results of the reports are automatically updated during the projects based on the data entered in the system.


New  column – actual completion date

This column is automatically updated based on the date of the last task in the project. During schedule changes, this date is automatically updated in the list of projects.


Change connection to database

In the new version of PMDesk we have the ability to quickly change the connection parameters to the database. This solution is particularly useful when we have a test and production base. We can quickly and easily switch between individual PMDesk databases.


Now PMDesk has a new mechanism for loading Gantt charts. This update allow to load graphs up to two times quickly compare to the previous version.

The latest version also changed the required .NET Framework version. The latest version of PMDesk 2017 SP3 requires the .NET Framework 4.6 installed. The changes are designed to improve system performance.

We are currently working on a version of PMDesk 2018 that will include new functionalities to streamline workflows: the ability to add custom fields in a project data, and the ability to restore schedules from a snapshot.

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