Project management interface in SOLIDWORKS window

Nowadays main word in business is “productivity”. As a managers and professionals, we are looking for better productivity all the time. One of main aspect in integrated PDM environment is better productivity – designers can perform most PDM commands inside CAD window, without loosing focus on current work. What about project management and tasks? To this moment, we haven’t got any solution, which was fully integrated with CAD window. Designers should use other interfaces and very often lost focus on current project.

PMDesk is changing it! CAD designer, working in SOLIDWORKS, has a powerfull tool to control his tasks in project and see what is current project plan. PMDesk offers SOLIDWORKS add-in displayed in right-side “task pane”. Users has three options :

  • Tasks view – you can see your tasks organized in project. Overdue tasks are highlighted.


  • Calendar view – see how your tasks are orgnized during your worktime.


  • Gantt chart view – see the whole Gantt chart for project and figure out how yor tasks are related to others.


In addition to these options users are able to add their own tasks, which – from time to time – coming additionaly from managers and report time spended for every particular task.

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