Project Management inside SOLIDWORKS PDM

PMDesk is a Windows-based project management system dedicated for engineers. One of the biggest features in PMDesk is SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional integration. We heard a many words from customers, that they having troubles with on-line project management. Traditional solutions works off-line (projects are managed separately in single files) and they are not integrated with PDM & CAD. That was a big reason, why we started to work on PMDesk.

What kind of SOLIDWORKS PDM integration can you expect?

  • Users – you can easily import users from SOLIDWORKS PDM database and maintain only one users directory,
  • Templates – you can easily create project in PMDesk and meanwhile PDM template is executed,
  • Serial numbers – project can be created with templates, but you can create it from PDM serial numbers,
  • Variables – you can define variables, which can be synchronized between PMDesk and SOLIDWORKS PDM,
  • Workflow – it’s easy to add PDM files to PMDesk tasks, more… task can change status when file changes its workflow state, for instance – file approval can be a sign that task is 100% done.
  • Interface – you can add tasks both from PDM interface and PDM workflow. You are flexible on it.

As you can see – PMDesk is really well integrated with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. We are still working to deliver more and more options – if you have any ideas just let us know, maybe you’ll find it at new PMDesk Service Packs.



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