New functions in PMDesk 2018 SP1

PMDesk is proprietary software of DPS Software streamlining project management, project scheduling, work progress tracking and control over the availability of resources. The latest update of the PMDesk 2018 SP1 system introduces a number of new functionalities for users and increases the efficiency of the system. All users with an active PMDesk subscription service can install a free upgrade.

In order to obtain the latest version of the software and help with the PMDesk update, please contact the Technical Support Center at DPS Software (tel .: 800 40 50 50, e-mail:

Integration with a mail client.

The option allows to configure the synchronization of tasks from PMDesk and the calendar in outlook (configuration for other e-mail clients is also supported). In order to set integration with outlook, enter the program configuration, enable binding to the e-mail client and enter the parameters of the SMTP server. After integration all tasks will be updated from the PMDesk in the outlook calendar. If the task changes the planned execution date or is deleted in PMDesk, such changes will also be forwarded to the calendar in outlook.

Addition of sub-project setting options during project creation and editing.

The function allows assigning sub-projects at the time of creating a new project and editing the project data. This functionality allows for greater opportunity when planning projects. This functionality when we defining the project, we can divide it into smaller stages included in subprojects.


Addition of the “Deadline” field to tasks.

The function allows you to set the final date for the task, the exceeding of which will be signaled by means of a message. This is the date which is marked on the Gantt chart with a green arrow. The date indicates the latest date of task completion.


Hide and expand – possibility to group projects.

In the “View” tab in the “grouping” option, the buttons for hide and expand schedules in the Gantt chart. They allow for quick maneuvering with a more detailed view of projects, stages and tasks.

Increased performance of the “Performed Work”.

The option allows you to review the work done in the projects. The function in the latest version of PMDesk has been rebuilt, thanks to which the loading of data of performed works is significantly faster.

Increased efficiency of resource conflict verification.

In comparison to the previous version, the efficiency and improved performance of information about existing resource conflicts between projects has been improved.

Increased productivity and streamlined resource calendar.

The mechanism of loading and displaying data in the resource calendar has been optimized, thanks to the whole process of reviewing, analyzing and modifying the calendar proceeds better.


Updating user data from the PDM system.

The new version of PMDesk allows you to update user data that has an integrated login with the PDM system.


Increased efficiency of the task edit window.

The task definition window has been optimized, so that opening tasks from the Gantt chart and task list takes significantly less time.


We’re currently working on the PMDesk 2018 SP2 version, which will include:

  • Adding options for assigning tasks to user groups with the option of automatically assigning a free person from project group
  • Expansion of budget reporting options with additional resources
  • Control of the availability of additional resources

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