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Full portfolio management


PMDesk allows user to manage and have an overview of the full portfolio of running and planned projects in the organization. You can create main and sub-projects to manage milestones or departments separately, but still related. It gives you possibility to review several project schedules at one Gantt chart to analyze it’s influence and relations. You will get the control on the whole project organization, not just each project separately.
Easy and quick deployment


High flexibility of PMDesk application allows you to use it in different project organizations with your own ideas and processes of communication and decision making. All you need to start is to install PMDesk and take a short hands-on training.

Avoid conflicts between projects


With PMDesk you will avoid conflicts between projects’ schedules in a controlled way. You will manage resources of Your whole organization, assign them to each project and be able to avoid possibility to plan one resource for several different tasks at the same time.

Budget and resources management


By using PMDesk functionality You will plan and control Your project budget based on hour rates and material or service costs. Resource management is organized at the whole organization and at project level, where both Project and Department manager have convenient tool to manage workload of their resources.

Full reporting


Advanced reporting system gives convenient way to inform whole project team by Project manager, and creates environment for Team members to report the progress of each task, hours spent, activities done and planned ones, or “Left to do” to finish each task.

Change management


PMDesk gives you the possibility to control and manage project changes by dedicated functionality to work with related documentation, dates, costs and activities. Automatic history creation helps Project manager to work with project journal and control changes on the Gantt chart. With PMDesk you can also create ECO (Engineering Change Order) forms from PDM templates.