PMDesk 2018 SP0 is here!

PMDesk 2018 SP0 is here! We will provide new features description here in next couple of days. Stay tuned!

Project Management inside SOLIDWORKS PDM

PMDesk is a Windows-based project management system dedicated for engineers. One of the biggest features in PMDesk is SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional integration. We heard a many words from customers, that they having troubles with on-line project management. Traditional solutions works off-line (projects are managed separately in single files) and they are not integrated with PDM & CAD. That was a big reason, why we started to work on PMDesk.

What kind of SOLIDWORKS PDM integration can you expect?

  • Users – you can easily import users from SOLIDWORKS PDM database and maintain only one users directory,
  • Templates – you can easily create project in PMDesk and meanwhile PDM template is executed,
  • Serial numbers – project can be created with templates, but you can create it from PDM serial numbers,
  • Variables – you can define variables, which can be synchronized between PMDesk and SOLIDWORKS PDM,
  • Workflow – it’s easy to add PDM files to PMDesk tasks, more… task can change status when file changes its workflow state, for instance – file approval can be a sign that task is 100% done.
  • Interface – you can add tasks both from PDM interface and PDM workflow. You are flexible on it.

As you can see – PMDesk is really well integrated with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. We are still working to deliver more and more options – if you have any ideas just let us know, maybe you’ll find it at new PMDesk Service Packs.



PMDesk 2017 SP2 now has PRINCE2 tolerance features!

From PMDesk 2017 SP2 you can easilly set up tasks and project tolerance, which is PRINCE2 project management function/attribute. It’s great feature for projects which has bigger risk or schedule is related to many sub-contractors or events, which are behind our influence.

You can set up tolerance based on whole project and every particular task. In addition, on portfolio management screen (where you can see all projects), you can track graphically project execution vs tolerances.


Portfolio overview in PMDesk 2017 SP2

From PMDesk 2017 SP2 you have more information about whole portfolio overview. You are able to see just two new values, but this values are critical from management point of view. You can compare planned deadline vs current deadline and more… You can also set up final review task to check if you are still on schedule.


PMDesk reaches Asia

Today, we ship our software to Asia market – our Vietnamese reseller – SoluCA has deployed first licenses.




Portfolio management in PMDesk

Do You need to control all projects in Your company? It is now possible with PMDesk.

When starting new project and planning resources for it with PMDesk You automatically create Your project portfolio. At the same time while planning resources You are able to see if these resources are not booked for another project. PMDesk will inform You in case of any conflicts between projects.



In addition to the project You could create sub projects. It is usable when You want to separate milestones of Your project or when You need to detail project activities in separate sub project (e.g. another department or supplier activities).


PMDesk allows You to see all sub projects with main project in combine view :


You can see all projects in Your company in one view as well :


Project management interface in SOLIDWORKS window

Nowadays main word in business is “productivity”. As a managers and professionals, we are looking for better productivity all the time. One of main aspect in integrated PDM environment is better productivity – designers can perform most PDM commands inside CAD window, without loosing focus on current work. What about project management and tasks? To this moment, we haven’t got any solution, which was fully integrated with CAD window. Designers should use other interfaces and very often lost focus on current project.

PMDesk is changing it! CAD designer, working in SOLIDWORKS, has a powerfull tool to control his tasks in project and see what is current project plan. PMDesk offers SOLIDWORKS add-in displayed in right-side “task pane”. Users has three options :

  • Tasks view – you can see your tasks organized in project. Overdue tasks are highlighted.


  • Calendar view – see how your tasks are orgnized during your worktime.


  • Gantt chart view – see the whole Gantt chart for project and figure out how yor tasks are related to others.


In addition to these options users are able to add their own tasks, which – from time to time – coming additionaly from managers and report time spended for every particular task.

PMDesk news – add tasks directly from SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow

PMDesk 2016 SP3 has a power new feature – you can add task directly from SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow. Configuration is as simple as possible – just select your workflow state and go! This feature extends our SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow integration – we can also change tasks status by changing workflow states.

PMDesk 2016 SP3 available!

More info about new features will be posted soon.